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Preview: Artery MT4 POD - is it nowhere easier?

4. july 2020 at 10:45
Hi friends. Today the release date of the Artery vapor brand was announced because these guys showed two new products at once. Overall, I noticed that showing multiple devices at once has become popular. I don't know what this has to do, but we can only benefit from this fact.
Artery MT4 Pod System Kit review
Therefore, we start with an ordinary device, although another instance is not far from the first instance - Artery MT4 Pod.

Dimensions: 91.8 x 23 x 14mm
Weight: 25g
Case material: plastic
Power: built-in 480mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Evaporator resistance: 1.3Ω
Output power: 11W
Voltage range: 3.2 - 4.2V
Operating mode: POWER
Supported resistance: 1.0 - 2.0Ω
Protection: against low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: magnetic

In appearance, the device is quite simple - you can even say simplified. It is understandable - after all, the manufacturing company released them under the slogan "extremely affordable price tag."
Artery MT4 Pod System Kit for sale
Therefore, it is not worth waiting for something supernatural from the novelty. The design is modest, the dimensions are average, the body is made of plastic, which naturally affected the weight.

At the start of development, six colors were presented - a pretty good situation. A removable cartridge (like voopoo drag x cartridge ) of standard capacity, it has a side refill and a flattened mouthpiece. Airflow adjustment is not provided.

Built-in evaporator on the cantal, regular spiral, double. The main body is also no different original. Activation by tightening, on the body there is only a small dot of the LED indicator of the charge level of the built-in battery.

The last average capacity, based on the average size. Fans of connectors for charging a new vape pods will be disappointed - this is not here. The charging current is not the fastest - a full cycle will take about an hour.

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Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Kit - a very nice box mod and an updated version of Aegis Boost

28. june 2020 at 12:06
Hi, guys. As we all know, Aegis Boost Plus is designed as an updated version of Aegis Boost. Compared with the previous version, Aegis Boost Plus brings some significant changes in size, controls and customization, battery and bridge.
Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Pod Mod Kit review
The design line remains basically the same. The structure is made of metal and synthetic leather and has IP67 certification to prevent liquid and dust contact.

Although the proportion of devices has increased slightly, Aegis Boost Plus is still a very compact device.

In terms of autonomy, the new model abandoned the integrated battery and provided support for one of the 18650 types, which can be accessed through the lower area. According to the manufacturer, autonomy should be increased by about 50%.

The power remains unchanged, Geek Vape Aegis Plus can provide up to 40 W of power, and can also run in TC mode.
Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Pod Mod Kit for sale
The new model also has an AS chip chip, which ensures improved energy efficiency, a trip time of less than 0.02 seconds, numerous protection functions, and the accuracy of the voltage provided to the atomizer.

All Geekvape equipment is available at very favorable prices through Vapesourcing and is delivered worldwide. Vapesourcing lists vape news Aegis Boost Plus pre-orders for $35.99.

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Banana Cream Vaping by Naked 100 Go Nanas and SMOK Rolo Badge

3. march 2020 at 9:42
Hey guys, today want to introduce Naked 100 Go Nanas E-juice, the most popular flavor in the Naked 100's cream range. This is a refined, ultra-creamy base that is accurately reproduced with fresh banana slices and Smooth and rich creamy mixture.

Indulge in Naked 100 Juice Premium Creamy Fruit Smoothie Banana. Great for any enthusiast who likes to add thick creamy fruity vape to the mix. After trying this flavor, you will drop Naked 100 Go Nanas to the last drop. Naked 100 Go Nanas produces intoxicating banana-like intense inhalation.

buy Naked 100 Go Nanas

When you inhale Naked 100 Go Nanas, the sweet slices of perfectly ripe bananas will seduce your taste buds just like anything else. Rich and rich flavors will fill your taste buds and mad your taste receptors. When exhaling, the rich and dense cream will perfectly combine this flavor, giving you a rounded vaping feel.

With a delicious and satisfying experience, Naked 100 Go Nanas brings fresh and delicious every vaping experience to SMOK Rolo Badge.

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Colorful CoilART Djinni Pod Kit Is Online!

19. february 2020 at 3:56
Today let's take a review about CoilART Djinni Kit, it is small and portable, measuring only 93mm x 45mm x 18mm, the surface is very smooth and ergonomic.

There are three colors of CoilART Djinni best pod system vape: Geisha, Demon, and Motor.

There is a breathable LED light on the opposite panel, which can ensure that the head is turned. On the control surface, you will see the power button, adjustment buttons and display with a horizontal menu.

CoilART Djinni review

There is a C-type port on the bottom, which can easily complete the charging process of the 950mAh integrated battery. The entire charging cycle should be completed in less than an hour. Djinni mod has a variable wattage operation function in the range of 6 to 40 watts, which is very flexible for such small devices.

The pod can store 2mL of e-liquid like Jam Monster Grape and has an easy top-fill system. Each ink cartridge uses a replaceable coil, which limits the cost of replacing the ink cartridge when the magnetic head burns out.

buy Jam Monster Grape

After purchase, you will receive a 0.4ohm mesh coil with a transmission power between 15 and 25 watts; a 1.2-ohm dual coil can be used with nicotine salts below 15 watts; and a 0.6ohm coil, it can be used between 20 and 40 watts.

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Does 800mAh Suorin Reno Look Better Than 930mAh Air Plus?

2. january 2020 at 4:20
Generally, we consider Suorin Air Plus to be one of the best pod systems in the design category. So does their latest Suorin Reno Pod Kit looks better than it?

Admittedly, suorin air plus kit looks very good. Because of its credit card look, or because it's sleek and minimalist, with clean rectangles and solid colors. But we really like it. Although Suorin Air Plus is bulky and has a large battery, it is very lightweight and can be put in the front pocket of a shirt or the inner pocket of a suit and be forgotten. It won't bother you in the least. We think the perfect choice for the best professionals.

cheap Suorin Reno

Suorin Reno 13W Pod Kit also combines Suorin well-known slim and stylish look and blends it with new designs. Suorin Reno is a very versatile pod device specifically designed and manufactured for portability. It can use 800mAh rechargeable batteries. This will support a maximum output power of 13W. The battery life can be decoded by the LED battery life indicator, and the remaining battery power is passed to the user through the lit LED light.
cheap suorin air plus

Suorin Reno is made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy that can withstand mild to moderate drops to protect the 800mAh rechargeable battery inside the case. It has a duck-billed cigarette holder that fits your mouth perfectly, making it easier for you to use your e-cigarette.

In addition, Suorin Reno Pod has a Suorin child-proof safety lock function, which can provide a safer and more comfortable electronic cigarette. As for the refillable pod, it can hold 3 ml of your favorite electronic juice, and it can also accommodate a 1.0-ohm mesh coil, which meets better flavor and dense turbidity. Moreover, five protection systems provide a more secure atomization effect.

In a word, both Suorin Air Plus and Suorin Reno are manufactured with very good quality, stylish and business-looking devices. The unique design makes it one of the best vape pod system in its class.

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5ml SMOK TFV16 Lite VS 9ml TFV16, Who Will Win?

31. december 2019 at 8:13
Smok TFV16 Lite is a smaller version of SMOK TFV16. So what are the unique features of TFV16 Lite compared to the original Smok TFV16? TFV16 Lite has a steam and flavor mesh coil, and the improved airflow system will bring you a new sub-ohm vaping.

Features and specifications of Smok TFV16 Lite and TFV16

The TFV16 Lite tank measures 28mm x 58mm and weighs 73g. EU customers have a 5 ml or 2 ml e-liquid capacity in the bulb reservoir.

Smok TFV16 Lite Review

The size of Smok TFV16 is 64.5 * 32mm, which can expand the electronic juice capacity to 9ml, without the need to add e-liquid frequently.

cheap Smok TFV16

TFV16 Lite features:

TFV16 Lite works with mesh coils well known in the vape industry to provide fast heating and excellent flavor. The 0.2ohm Lite Conical Mesh coil produces a gentle throat impact and provides huge steam and impeccable flavor. The coil should use 60 to 85 watts. Alternatively, you may like the 0.15-ohm dual mesh coil constructed with dual coils for excellent e-liquid wicking. Its transmit power is between 60 and 80 watts to maximize steam/flavor.

The conical nozzle with nexMesh technology has a large bottom airflow channel, which can compress the steam and produce flavor immediately. The heating element also provides ultra-fast heating, causing severe flavor steam. And, the honeycomb mesh is made of nickel/chromium to quickly heat every drop of electronic juice entering the wicking port.

After purchasing on vape coupons 2020, you will get an amazing 810 resin dripper with a diameter of 16mm, which is also ergonomic in the mouth. The mouthpiece requires only a simple press and is made of food-grade elements for a healthy experience.

The foundation of TFV16 Lite is much higher than similar devices on the market. This provides more space for airflow and widens the fully adjustable airflow slot, measuring up to 12.7mm*2.7mm, which produces huge odorous vapors. The TFV16 uses two symmetrical airflow grooves to widen the size of 14mm*2.6mm on the base to help generate huge steam and rich flavor.

Also, our Vapesourcing has a new year vape sale, if you want to buy SMOK TFV16 tanks, remember to check it.

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Next Game Changer? SMOK RPM80 or Vaporesso Target PM80?

20. december 2019 at 8:49
Who is the next game-changer in the vape pod mod category? SMOK RPM80 or Vaporesso Target PM80. Now let's take a look at the SMOK RPM80 and Vaporesso Target PM80 kits.

SMOK RPM80 and SMOK RPM80 Pro are the latest SMOK Pod Mod Kits

SMOK RPM80 uses a new user interface, so no matter whether it is a novice or a veteran, every user can enjoy a hassle-free electronic cigarette experience. Both the RMP80 and RPM80 Pro come with two pods and two coils.

RPM80 Pro

One is smok rpm80 pod, which is compatible with all RPM coils, and the other is RPM80 RGC Pod, which is adjustable in airflow and uses a new RGC Conical Mesh 0.17Ω coil that supports power up to 80 watts!

The maximum 80W power is more than enough for pod mod. In the power range of 1-80W, you can press the up / down buttons to adjust the required power and get the best results. The IQ-80 chip uses the new POD MOD era-driven by the newly developed IQ-80 chipset, the RPM80 series stands out among all pod mods which we can see on the smok coupon.

The Vaporesso Target PM80 kit measures 102mm x 33.4mm x 24.8mm, which is a bit larger than the Smok RPM40 kit and Voopoo Vinci kit. But it can still be carried with you!

The entire kit is powered by a built-in 2000mAh battery with a maximum output of 80 watts. You can charge it via the left USB port. With a 2A fast charging function, it only takes 45 minutes to fully charge! In addition, the Vaporesso Target PM80 kit is also equipped with an AXON chip to ensure safety and provide some functions.
Target PM80

In addition, the AXON chip also provides an instant trigger speed of 0.001s for the quick response! The transparent container box gives you a clear view of the internal liquid level. The spare coil head is specially designed for Vaporesso Target PM80 kit. GTX 0.2ohm mesh coils and GTX 0.23ohm mesh coils are what you get from the packaging and are designed to provide the best DL vaping experience!

Both SMOK RPM80 and Vaporesso Target PM80 provide a variety of smart features and functional protections, becoming powerful changers in the pod mod category.

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Would I Recommend Uwell Caliburn Koko Pod Kit Or Uwell Caliburn?

13. december 2019 at 3:15
We know that Uwell has many popular best pod vape, such as the well-received Caliburn vape pod kit, as well as Amulet vape watch and Yearn pod kit.

Today we take a look at their other new pod system, Uwell Caliburn KOKO. This is a cool, somewhat awkward-looking square auto draw pod system, and is a successor to the very popular pod module. The kit comes with two standard refillable fixed coil pods and a metal lanyard/necklace.

It has a built-in battery that can emit power up to 11 watts. The device is an automatic air extraction system, in other words, you will suck in for steam, so the operation is very simple and does not require pressing any buttons. Caliburn Koko pods are perfect for use with Nic Salt liquid, CBD and regular nicotine liquid (up to 70vg)!
Caliburn KOKO Review

The Caliburn Koko Pod kit is different from Uwell Caliburn:

Caliburn Koko is 67 mm high, with a pod installed, 43 mm wide and only 12 mm thick! The weight of the entire device is 33 grams. Caliburn Koko Pod kit is perfect for any pocket or wallet!

Caliburn Koko consists of two parts; the body of the device (battery) is made of aluminum alloy. The refillable 2ml container is plastic.
Uwell Caliburn Review

Koko is well-designed, a light and compact bun with good manufacturing quality. Nice looking kit with the same functionality as the advert. It tastes good, the steam is good, and the sore throat that I received with this device was sucked dry by Nic Salt E-liquid!

Which one I recommend in the best online vape site? Uwell Caliburn Koko Pod Kit or Uwell Caliburn?

Honestly, Uwell Caliburn Koko's battery is exactly the same size as the Uwell Caliburn battery, and both of them are great for those who are looking for invisible small devices or those who just quit smoking.

You can also go to have a look at the Christmas 2019 vape sale which on

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Best 2019 Vape Mods: Dovpo Odin DNA250C and GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod

3. december 2019 at 4:02
If you are looking for a small but compact mod with 200w power buy vape online, then dovpo odin dna250c mod and GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod will be your best choice. They all have the same 200w power output, so what do you think of their function?

The dovpo odin dna250c Box Mod was produced by Vaperz Cloud, DOVPO, and Vaping Bogan, the great tuners in three industries, who together designed one of the best DNA250c devices on the market today.

dovpo odin dna250c mod 200w

The included Evolve DNA250c chip is a wear-resistant and user-friendly chip that can be connected to a computer for fine-tuning and theme modification. Unlike most current DNA modules, the Dovpo Odin DNA250C can hold double 21700 but still maintains a small and ergonomic form factor. Made of aluminum, it's not only a nice compact device, but it's also very lightweight, only 16.2 ounces (excluding batteries).

As you would expect, Dovpo Odin DNA250C has multiple security features such as reverse polarity protection, nebulizer protection, overheating protection, battery-by-battery monitoring and more.

GeekVape aegis legend mod 200w is suitable for you to carry with you, and it is suitable for those who finally aim at the broken Mod. Aegis Legend has unparalleled durability with advanced shock, dust and water protection. Durable, its frame is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, advanced liquid silicone rubber injection molding, ergonomically comfortable leather handle and carbon steel battery door.

buy aegis legend mod

The hinged battery cover on the bottom can accommodate two high-strength 18650 batteries, which can provide up to 200W of power to the device, and also has Power Wattage, VCP, TC-TCR, and Bypass modes. Geek Vape uses proprietary technology to adjust the resistance of various heating elements in its temperature control mode.

Aegis Legend has a full-color OLED screen on the front, which is controlled by buttons and provides all the information you need. Above the screen is a joystick-inspired trigger button that is as comfortable to use as a handheld Mod.

If I choose, I will choose both, Dovpo Odin DNA250C and GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod are definitely the best 2019 vape mods.

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JUSTFOG Compact 16 and Vaptio Cosmo Plus: New Vape Starter Kits Under $50

25. november 2019 at 8:07
If you are looking for a compact and stylish vape starter kits under $50, then recommend JUSTFOG Compact 16 Kit and Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit. They are two different kits from JUSTFOG and Vaptio, so what's kind of vaping they will bring to us?

The JUSTFOG Compact 16 Kit is an elegant and stylish box-type retrofit kit made of PU leather. Powered by a 1400mAh internal battery, it provides you with long-term vaping without worrying about low power consumption. Equipped with 1.9 ml Q16 Pro-C cleaner with top fill design for easy operation. In addition, it also selects adjustable voltage: 3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V to better meet your individual needs.

JUSTFOG Compact 16 Kit Review

In addition, the JUSTFOG Compact 16 mod has child protection features that will give you a fantastic e-cigarette experience.

Justfog Compact 16 Vape Kit Details:

*Powered by 1400mAh internal battery for long-term water absorption
*Included with 1.9 ml Q16 Pro-C clearomizer
*Easy to operate with top-fill design
*Choose adjustable voltage to meet your individual needs
*Made of PU leather, elegant and stylish design

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit features an ergonomically beautiful palm that is ultra-portable and easy to carry. With a sophisticated surface finish and frame curve detailing, Cosmo Plus offers a strong 3D visual impact with its silky surface texture, smooth feel, and excellent high gloss color.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit Review

Powered by a 1500mAh internal battery, the Cosmo Plus will release a maximum output of 35W. With a 0.69-inch OLED display and optional VV / VW / BYPASS mode, Cosmo Plus provides a very intuitive way to meet the needs of vapers to provide a better user experience.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Kit Details:

*Battery capacity: 1500mAh
*Juice capacity: 2.0 / 4.0ml
*Maximum output: 35W
*Currency: 5V / 1A
*Resistance: 0.7 ohm / 1.6 ohm
*Color: Black / Malachite Green / Rose Gold / Silver / Pink / Orange
*0.69 inch OLED display
*Multiple protection: overload protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overcharge protection

Now, you can pre-order the Justfog Compact 16 and Vaptio Cosmo Plus at best online vape

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